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American Eskimo

About The Breed

A luxurious white coat characterizes the American Eskimo with a lion-like mane along their chest and around their neck. They can also come in what is called “Biscuit Cream” which is white with a cream-colored highlight. Black eyelids accent their dark eyes, which have a merry twinkle. They also have black lips and noses which stand out against their soft white coats.
The American Eskimo is an amiable dog, though they can be a little shy when making new friends. This touch of shyness is what makes the Eskimo a good watchdog. They will bark when someone unfamiliar comes around.

The American Eskimo dog is a spitz breed that originated in Germany. Originally bred as a herding dog and guard for livestock. However, due to their ability to quickly master tricks and agility challenges, they were quickly embraced by circus owners as an acrobat. They were part of the show, jumping, doing tricks, and walking tightropes.
Right Choice?
If the American Eskimo is your breed of choice, you will have an energetic friend who is ready to take on anything.e
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Companion dog
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Regular Brushing
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Adult Height:
12-19 inches at the shoulder

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Adult Weight:
10-35 lbs

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12-15 years

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